Elegant Updos for Special Occasions: Step-by-Step Guide

On special occasions, when you want to look your best, nothing quite beats a classic updo. With this easy-to-follow guide, you can master an elegant updo look that will leave you feeling elegant and beautiful, and ready to celebrate any momentous event. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll soon be on your way to creating the perfect updo, from simple and chic to dramatic and daring. With this guide in hand, you’ll always know how to look your best for any special occasion.

1. Create a Special Occasion Updo: Step-by-Step

Gather the Necessities
To get started on your special occasion updo, gather up your styling tools: lightweight hairspray, soft brushes, bobby pins, and a elastic hair tie. You also may want to have a friend on-hand, to help with some of the back sections of your restyle.

Start with a Ponytail Base
The next step is to create a basic ponytail. Begin by tying your hair securely on the nape of your neck with an elastic band, leaving just enough hair in the front to be able to style it later. Make sure you pull your hair tightly in the back, so the ponytail will be secure when finished.

Begin Restyling
To start restyling your updo, you’ll want to use the following steps:

  • Separate a section of your hair above the elastic band.
  • Take this section of hair and twist it until it forms a rope and then wrap it around the elastic band.
  • Secure this section with bobby pins.
  • Take another section of hair just below the elastic band and repeat the same process (twist, wrap, and secure).
  • Continue around your entire head in this manner, repeating the twisting, wrapping, and pinning.

Finish With Hairspray
Once you finish with the twists and pins, you’ll want to give your special updo a light mist of hairspray, making sure to take extra time around the edges. Let the hairspray set and you’ll have a beautiful and unique updo perfect for any occasion.

2. Make a Statement with Elegant Updos

Updos are the perfect way to spruce up your look for a special event, or just provide a more professional appearance. When done correctly, elegant updos can have people noting your grace and beauty from miles away. Here are some tips to help you make a statement with an elegant updo:

  • Start with clean, brushed hair. This will help prevent knots and ensure the best results.
  • Try incorporating sections from the side to make it a unique updo. This might involve pinning a section on either side at the back and tucking them into the updo. It creates a modern look that will be sure to shine.
  • Experiment with wrapping sections of hair around the outside for a more playful look.
  • Don’t be afraid to spice it up with accessories like hair jewelry, silk flowers, or even a bow.

Once you’ve picked your style, securely pin each section with bobby pins and use hairspray to make sure it stays in place. Just make sure to start at the base, since hairspray can add some weight so it’s easier for sections to slide down. When you have your perfect look, take a step back and admire how you’ve made head-turning statement with your elegant updo.

3. Essential Hair Styling Techniques for Special Updos

From French twists to fabulous braids, when it comes to styling special updos, there are a few essential techniques you should master.

First, practice using a rat-tail comb to create perfect parting. Using a comb, alternate between making narrow and wide partings to get the desired look. With pins, clips and elastic bands, you can form your locks into different shapes and patterns.

Next comes curling. Gently use a curling iron on sections of hair to add body and bounce. Leave the ends out of the barrel for a natural look.
For smaller, more refined curls, a thick-barreled iron is more suitable. Make sure to keep the curls neat and even, ensuring a sleek updo.

Finally, use hairspray to secure your special updo in place. Fundamental techniques to consider include:

  • Using your fingers to create lift and texture
  • Back-combing the roots to add body
  • Pinning curls to your head to show desired shape

Once you’ve mastered the above techniques, styling beautiful updos will become easier. Experiment with different looks and be creative – the possibilities are endless!

4. The Secret to Perfecting Your Updo

Have you ever wondered why perfect updos slip right off of your head even when you use all the right pins or products? There are a few key secrets to mastering the art of the perfect updo – don’t worry, we’re about to tell you all of them.

  • Be sure you are selecting the right up-do style for your hair type. Fine hair looks best in updos that are held close to the head, while thicker hair can more easily hold a fuller style. Know which styles are most suitable for your hair type.
  • To get the right amount of volume and hold, invest in styling products or hairspray specifically designed for updos. These will keep your hair in place and ensure it looks great all day long.
  • Choose the right hairstyling tools; this may mean heading to a professional hairstylist for advice. Utilizing the right type of tools – such as curling irons, brushes and combs – for the right type of updo can make all the difference.
  • Finally, practice! Tests updos until you feel confident mastering them from start to finish. They don’t have to always be complex or intricate – a classic bun, French twist or top knot can often be just as gorgeous as a more complicated updo.

With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to having your perfect updo in no time!

5. Unleash Your Inner Stylist with These Updo Ideas

Gone are the days of feeling like your hairstyle couldn’t quite live up to the occasion. With these 5 updo ideas, you can look salon ready in no time!

  • Faux Bob: This look is super chic and easy to create in minutes. Start by slicking your hair back into a tight ponytail. Braid the ponytail halfway down and then wrap it around the base of the elastic to create a bun. Use a few bobby pins to secure, and voila!
  • The French Bun: Nothing says timeless elegance like a simple French bun. To master this traditional look, divide your hair into two sections and loop one section into a bun in the center of your head. Then, coil the other section around the bun and secure with pins. Set the look with hairspray for extra hold.
  • Messy Chignon: Perfect for your next beach getaway, this undone chignon exudes an effortless, yet glamorous vibe. Start by pulling the hair back away from your face. Then, twist the hair into a spiral and secure in a crisscross pattern with a few pins. Finally, loosen up the hair and stray hairs with your fingers for that coveted “just undone” look.
  • Twisted Updo: Invoke boho vibes with this easy-to-achieve twisted updo. Begin by dividing your hair into three sections and securing each section with an elastic band. Twist each section separately and wrap each one around the others to create a chignon in the back of your head. Secure with pins and you’re done!
  • Rolled Updo: If you’re looking for a piecey, romantic look, this updo is right up your alley! Start by parting your hair down the middle and then take a half inch section from each side and roll it inward toward the nape of your neck. Secure with pins and finish with hairspray.

These African inspired styles are not only great for a special occasion, but also for everyday. So go ahead and – you won’t regret it!

Whether you decide to keep it simple or let it shine, you can easily have an elegant updo for any special occasion. As long as you follow our Step-by-Step Guide, you are sure to look your best!


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