Vintage Hair Revival: Nailing Retro Hairstyles with a Twist

As trends come and go, so can hairstyles. But the vintage look has been making a strong comeback for quite some time now. Whether you want a classic ’50s beehive or a sleek ’20s bob, the vintage hair revival has made it easier than ever to turn back time and recreate these timeless looks with a modern twist. From vintage updos to pin curls, the possibilities are endless — let’s dive into the world of vintage hair revival and take a look at some of the best retro hairstyles and how you can rock them today.

1. Re-inventing Retro: The Vintage Hair Revival

The sleek styles of the past are making their way back into fashion as people are desperately trying to keep tradition alive in times of uncertainty. Vintage hair is undergoing a revival, as people look to the past for solace and continuity. It’s classic, timeless, and full of character- all of which make it an extremely desirable style for anyone who wants to look their best.

What is Vintage Hair?
Vintage hair essentially consisted of long hair with curls, waves, and volume. A distinguishing feature of vintage hair was to leave the natural ends and waves of the hair untouched, as it was considered bad form to trim it to the same level. The result was a symmetrical style, with a full body that extended down the neck.

The Benefits of Vintage Hair
Vintage hair is an effortless style that can have an amazing sleek and glamorous look when done correctly. It’s a classic look that never goes out of fashion. Plus, vintage hair is also incredibly versatile- from the sophisticated rockabilly curl to a soft romantic wave, you can truly find something for everyone. Finally, vintage hair can add a hint of timelessness to anyone and has the potential to make a huge impact.

Getting Vintage Hair Right
It’s important to keep in mind that the shape and size of the hair, as well as the amount of curl, can make a big difference. A good stylist should be able to achieve the look you want with just a few minor adjustments. Additionally, some products may also be necessary to get the desired volume and texture. Investing in good quality products is important, as this will help keep the look longer.

If you are looking for an inspiration to upgrade your hairstyle, why don’t you consider turning the clock back to the past and exploring vintage trends?  Take a nostalgic trip through the decades and explore these classic styles to dress up your scalp for the next big occasion.

The 20s:

  • The twenties were all about effortless beauty. Finger waves were the popular style, with women wearing their hair closely waved at the side and then pinned up at the back of the head.
  • The bob was also a popular option, giving a boyish cast to the wearer’s face. It was cut just around the ear, with a center parting and a slight wave.

The 40s:

  • The forties brought a more refined look with updos that could take hours to get just right. These styles were seen as a symbol of luxury and Hollywood glamour. Women used to set their hair in large pin curls and then shape them into a variety of upsweeps.

The 50s and 60s:

  • The fifties brought beauty of the most classic kind: the beehive. Women would tease and backcomb their hair to create a tall, domed shape perched on the crown of their heads.
  • The sixties ushered in the era of free-spirited experimentation. Women chopped off their hair and donned long, narrow bangs, go-go bobs, and beehive bouffants in a range of colors.

No matter which style you choose, you will be sure to make a lasting impression!

3. Crafting the Perfect Retro ‘do: Tools and Techniques

Make Waves with Rollers or Irons

Want to create perfect waves, bouncy curls, or old-school styled locks that have been around for generations? You’ll need the perfect tools to get the job done! Tools like rollers or flat irons work wonders in creating your desired retro-styled look.

Rollers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose the roller size and shape based on your desired look. For curls, opt for tighter rollers, while larger ones help to create looser waves. Section your hair and wrap it around the roller. Depending on where you place the roller, you’ll get a different outcome.

Irons are also a great tool to create lovely retro ‘dos. You’ll need to use them with styling products like mousse, gels, or hairspray. Separate your hair into sections and take one section at a time. Take your flat iron and clamp it onto the end of the section and hold it for a few seconds before running it down to the end. Repeat for each section.

If you’re feeling extra creative, here are some more techniques and tips to help you get the perfect ‘do:

  • Put your hair in a high ponytail for an upswept look that’s perfect for the retro feel.
  • After styling using rollers or irons, finish off your look with a high sheen-spray.
  • For extra volume, use a round brush when you blow dry.
  • Tease the crown of your hair for extra body and texture.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create a stunning, vintage-inspired look in no time!

4. Updating Vintage Hair Styles with a Modern Twist

Vintage styles provide a timeless elegance, but a modern twist can give them an extra title of admiration. If you wish to upgrade your look, you can easily update vintage hairstyles with modern pops of color, accessories, or products.

Tinted Color: Rather than dyeing you whole tresses, incorporating hints of color can draw attention to your face and make the style look more up to date. Opt for ombre or balayage highlights in the classic hair style of your choice.

Head Accessories: Adding nude headwraps, hats, and bandanas can bring a vintage style to current context. Combine the look with natural makeup and subtle jewelry for extra interest.

Product Selection: Combining the perfect products is key for giving a modern twist to a vintage hairstyle. Enhance texture with sea salt spray, thermal protectors, fixing sprays, or other styling aides. For added shine, gloss, and anti-frizz try serums or cream-based sheens.

  • Opt for ombre or balayage highlights on vintage styles.
  • Nude headwraps, hats, and bandanas can give a classic look modern context.
  • Choose the perfect products to enhance the style and make it more up to date.

5. Nailing Retro Hairstyles with That Final Touch: Accessories and Styling Products

Accessories and styling products are the perfect way to seal a retro look. With the right product, you can easily glide into the sweet sensation of leaving the house with a hairstyle that transcends time. Here’s a list of tips and products to help you nail retro looks with that final touch.


  • Bright colors and unique prints
  • Adds texture to straight or wavy hair
  • Ideal for a 20’s flapper-style

Set Sprays

  • Perfect for a 50’s style beehive
  • Keeps hair in place without making it crunchy
  • Medium or firm hold for lift and volume


  • Velvet, satin, or with a bow
  • Easy to turn an updo into a 70’s glam
  • A single statement piece


  • A must-have for a punk 80’s look
  • Added texture and shine
  • Smoothing out fly-aways

These simple accessories and products are all you need to add that extra touch of glam to any vintage outfit. Experiment with a combination of products to create your own signature look from the past.

In this era of eclectic expression and personal style, being vintage isn’t about just wearing a certain trend. It’s about ensuring your unique character shines through. With the right products and proper technique, you can create a vintage look with an updated twist. Who knows, you may just spark a revival of your own.


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