Hairstyles for Active Lifestyles: Practical and Stylish Options

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style when it comes to your hair! There are plenty of practical and stylish hairdos designed to suit your active lifestyle while still looking great. In this article, we’ll explore some of the available options for how to keep your hair looking on-trend during your busy days. Read on to discover hairstyles that combine practicality and style.

1. Get Moving in Style: Hairstyles for Active Lifestyles

From Fun Braids to Athletic Buns

Are you feeling stuck with the same sporty, go-to hairstyle? If you’re looking for new ways to add some pep to your morning jog, check out these great active hairstyles:

  • Braids – Whether you’re going for something classic or a more creative take on plaits, braids are a great way to secure your hair for an enhanced workout. Try a French braid with some colorful elastic ties for a fun, playful look.
  • Twists – For shoulder-length to longer hairstyles, twists are perfect for exercising. Take two small sections of hair and twist them away from each other until the entire length is wrapped up. Secure the ends with a few bobby pins for a look that’s both cool and comfortable.
  • Low Buns – Sometimes a low, sleek bun is the best way to get an active look. Gather your locks into a low ponytail, twist it until it forms a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. If you have shorter layers, create a larger bun to incorporate all of the hair.
  • Aqua Sports – Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or an occasional pool lounger, special aqua sport accessories are perfect for protecting your hair in water. Opt for a snug fitting cap or swim bonnet to keep your hair secure and adhere to regulations.

These styles and accessories will take you from leisurely strolls in the park to fast-paced swim classes in style. Have fun experimenting with different looks and show off your very best sporty style!

2. Effortless Ways to Wake Up and Work Out in Style

A good morning workout routine sets the tone for the day ahead. Whether you’re a morning person after all, or just trying to get used to it, it’s possible to feel more awake, energized, and prepared for the day with these effortless ways to stay stylish during your morning workout.

Dressing Well: Start your morning in comfortable workout gear that still looks stylish. Opt for figure-flattering leggings, a tank or t-shirt, and a zip-up hoodie. Bright colors will help you wake up and feel energized. If you prefer to dress down, go for basics like a tank top and grey shorts. Don’t forget a good pair of sneakers!

Productive Routines: Design a morning workout routine that optimizes both your energy and style. Incorporating lightweight, low-impact activities like walking, yoga, or stationary bike rides can help get your blood flowing and help you wake-up gradually. If you’re in a time crunch, high-intensity interval training is one of the most efficient ways to kickstart your workout for the day.

Make Do With Accessories: For those days when your hair won’t cooperate or you’re feeling a cold coming on, there’s no shortage of workout accessories that can help complete your morning style. A few must-haves include:

  • A lightweight headband
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A stylish and comfortable gym bag
  • A stylish and functional water bottle

All these small things can make your morning workout look effortlessly chic!

3. Practical Hairstyles for Active Lifestyles

Short Haircuts
Active lifestyles require short and simple hairstyles for women, as long hair can get in the way while doing strenuous activities. A short pixie cut is the ideal solution, as it is both stylish and quick to style. When hair is short, it is easier to tuck it away and not worry about it dangling in your face. Washing the hair takes less time and it is easier to keep up with. Other trendy short haircuts include the graduated bob, the shaggy bob, the boyish bob, and the gamine.

Long Hairdos
If you don’t want to go for a drastic chop and if you have long hair, then try out this flexible, messy bun. It’s simple yet looks intricate and sophisticated. All you need is a few criss-crossed elastic bands and some bobby pins to keep the hairdo in place. Alternately, a sleek braid allows you to free up your locks without compromising on the style. You can make a French braid or an inverted French braid, depending on your preferences.

Ponytails & Half Updos
For those who prefer to simply tie up their tresses, the good ol’ ponytail is a classic hairdo. Ponytails are chic, professional, and most of all, super easy. To make them look more interesting, use a braid or add a headband for a girly touch. A half-up, half-down style is also a nice way to make a simple, low-maintenance hairdo look interesting. Divide the hair in two and then tie up the upper portion, making sure the hair isn’t pulled back too tightly. You can use accessories to spice things up or even leave a few loose tendrils for a romantic look.

Thanks to today’s hair care products, it’s becoming easier and easier to stay on-trend no matter where you are. Here are the top trends for hair care on-the-go:

  • Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo has significantly revolutionised ‘wash and go’ hair care. Say goodbye to greasy roots and limp locks – all you need is a quick spritz of dry shampoo and your look will be revived. All the best brands have travel sizes now, so you can take them wherever you go.
  • Styling Creams: Styling creams are a must for any girl who wants an effortless and natural look. Most creams can be bought in travel sizes, so they can be easily transferred into a handbag for those sultry days out.
  • Kill The Frizz: Hate your frizzy hair? Most brands offer anti-frizz hair oils these days, and because they come in certain small sizes, they’re perfect for taking out and about. They can help both detangle and condition the hair, without leaving it greasy and heavy.
  • Hair Masks: Hair masks have quickly become one of the most popular hair care trends of the moment, with beauty bloggers proclaiming their love for them. Luckily, some of the best brands offer travel sizes of their masks, so you can treat your hair wherever you are.

Our hair is constantly under strain, whether it’s the sun, sweat or pollution, so it’s essential to look after it. With some of these on-the-go trends, we can keep our hair looking healthy and fabulous, wherever we may go.

5. Essential Style Tips for Active Men and Women

1. Comfort is Key. Whether you’re jogging, playing a sport or simply running errands, comfort is essential when it comes to being active. Prioritize soft, light materials such as cotton that allow for easy ventilation, and keep it bold with patterns, colors, and silhouettes. When all else fails, go for bright whites and athletic leggings to create a classic and comfortable look.

2. Layering is a Saviour. Layering can help you manage the unpredictable weather. Choose breathable, cozy basics such as long-sleeve tees or lightweight outerwear like lightweight windbreakers and hooded anoraks. Wearing layers ensures you won’t feel constrained during your active pursuits.

3. Make it Yours! Show off your personal style when you’re on the go. For men, try incorporating accessories like watches, hats, and backpacks. If you’re a woman, go for headbands and ultra-cool sneakers to make a statement. Even the most subtle accents can help boost your confidence.

4. Think Function. Step up your sneaker game with specialized shoes for your sport or activity. Grab traction-enhancing shoes to run on slippery surfaces or waterproof shoes for muddy trails. Your performance matters, and picking the right gear can make a world of difference.

Don’t let an active lifestyle be an obstacle for looking stylish – empower yourself with these practical and beautiful hairstyles! With these options, you’ll be able to show up to your running group meeting, dance class, or yoga session feeling confident and fabulous.


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