Elegant Hairstyles for Weddings: Bridal Hair Inspiration

Your wedding day is a special occasion that should feel like a fairy-tale come true. Of course you’ll want to look beautiful from head to toe, and you’ll need a stunning hairstyle to capture the occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect wedding locks, let this article be your inspiration! Here are some gorgeous, elegant hairstyles perfect for brides-to-be.

1. Bridal Beauty: The Art of Creating Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles play a key role in completing the perfect bridal look. At once romantic and ethereal, they can be designed to fit any bride’s vision.

Creating a wedding hairstyle starts with the right foundation. Depending on the quality of the hair, this may involve pre-styling products to give your hair some extra oomph, or just washing with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Professional hairstylists can also work their magic with clip-in extensions of varying lengths and types.

  • Start with sections – separating your hair into sections that are easy to work with and tie up will make styling much easier and faster.
  • Create a braid – a classic and timeless hairstyle, you can either incorporate it into a half-up half-down look, or leave it loose and low – the choice is yours!
  • Secure with pins – bobby pins, barrettes, and hair jewelry are all great tools to keep the shape together and help you create the look you want.
  • Beautify with accessories – if you’ve gone for a simple updo or side-do, try adding some flowers, decorative clips, a headband or even a headscarf – the options are endless!

Finally, think of the aesthetics. The bridal hairstyle should be effortless and timeless, so go for shades and textures that won’t date. Another key factor is balance: you and your bridesmaids’ hair should complement, but not compete, with each others’. Hair accessories can be used to make sure everyone looks unified and glam.

2. Gorgeous Updos for a Memorable Look on Your Special Day

Your big day is the perfect opportunity to make a stylish statement with your dream hair. From modern, romantic to casual, there are plenty of updos that can make an unforgettable impression. Here are some stunning options for day-to-night looks.

Start with a beautiful braided chignon. If you prefer a modern twist on a classic updo, this look is the one for you. It’s got the timeless style of a classic chignon while the braid adds a chic touch that won’t go unnoticed.

For an elegant and romantic style, consider doing an up-twisted bun. It’s great for long and medium-length hair. Gather your tresses into a high ponytail first, then roll them into a bun and secure them using bobby pins. Accessorize with a rhinestone hair clip or some other accessory and you will be ready to enjoy your special day.

For a look as bohemian as it is beautiful, create an undone bun. Comb your hair into a low ponytail and twist it into a bun. Add one or two braids and finish by tucking the ends of the braids under the bun. This is a perfect style for weather that’s as unpredictable as your big day. Accessorize it with a floral crown or a delicate veil for an unforgettable bridal look.

  • Braided chignon
  • Up-twisted bun
  • Undone bun

From effortless to elegant, use these options to create breathtaking looks on your special day. If you’d like to combine the ideas, consider adding accessories to create your own unique style. With these updos, you’ll be ready to impress your guests and enjoy to the fullest.

3. Soft Curls and Waves for an Elegant Bridal Style

For the bride that wants an elegant, classic look, soft curls and waves are the perfect choice. This classic style transitions gracefully from day to night, and is ideal for brides with any hair length.


  • Start by creating an undulating, natural-looking curl throughout the entire head, removing any straight strands.
  • Using a medium sized curling iron, make this feeling come alive by adding a few curls throughout the top section of the hair.
  • Part the hair down the centre or to the side and curl away from the face in different directions.
  • Once you’ve finished curling the entire head, allow the curls to cool for a couple of minutes before separating them with your fingers.
  • To add a bit of extra body, lightly tease the roots and then finish with a setting spray.

This style is timeless and classic, but still has a sense of modern glamour. You’ll be sure to look eternally gorgeous and sophisticated on your special day.

Soft curls are the perfect way to add movement and texture to your look while still maintaining a put-together look. With a few simple steps, you’ll have a beautifully elegant and timeless look that’s perfect for the bride-to-be.


Schedule a Trim
Start with the basics – your hair needs to be trimmed or cut into the style that you plan on wearing for the big day. This could be anything from a dramatic cut, slight trim, or just making sure your layers are looking sharp. Make sure to schedule your appointment at least 2-3 weeks before the main event so you have plenty of time for any necessary adjustments.

Experiment with Accessories
You should also experiment with different accessories like headbands, veils, fascinators, or flowers to make sure you have the perfect look. A headband can add the perfect touch of vintage charm to a classic updo or a bold hairpiece for “something blue” with a crystal clip or barrette. And don’t forget ‒ jeweled hair combs, tiaras, or sashes can add sparkle and glamour to any bridal look.

Get Creative
Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative. Consider pulling some of your hair into a bun or making a pretty braid that frames your face. Or, go wild and use bright colors of hair extensions to compliment your dress or make a fun statement. Whatever you choose, make sure your hair looks as good as you do on the big day.

  • Schedule a trim 2-3 weeks before the big day.
  • Experiment with accessories.
  • Get creative.

5. Maintaining Perfect Hair on Your Wedding Day and Beyond

How to maintain perfect hair long-term:

Maintaining perfect hair on your wedding day is one thing, but how do you make sure it looks just as good well after the big day has passed? While there are many hairstyling trends that come and go, you want a look that will last, so it’s important to choose a style that fits your aesthetic and is easily manageable. Here are a few tips on keeping it looking just as great as on the day of your wedding:

  • Make sure your chosen style compliments your overall look. A sleek and sophisticated look might only require a regular trim and a spritz of hairspray to keep it looking good.
  • Treat your hair with care when styling. Avoid very hot styling tools and use a heat protectant before using hair dryers or straighteners.
  • Get regular trims. Trimming your ends regularly will get rid of any split ends that have built up and keep your hair looking healthy.
  • Choose shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type. There are a variety of products designed to target different hair types and issues, and using the right products will make sure your hair looks its best.

Keeping your hair in great condition means being mindful of what you put in it to maintain its shine and balance. Eating a healthy diet and using natural hair products and treatments will help sort out any hair issues you might have. Investing in some quality haircare products and treatments will not only keep your hair looking perfect for your wedding day, but long after too.

We hope this article provided you with guidance and inspiration to make your bridal look perfect for the big day. With a few easy steps, you can create an elevated and chic style that will be remembered for years to come. Congratulations and enjoy your wedding!


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