Twisted Updos: Elevating Classic Updo Styles with Twists

Updos have been a chic, classic hairstyle for years. For a modern take on the timeless look, try a twisted updo. These trendy new styles are giving the traditional updo a fresh new look. Learn how to incorporate twists into your classic updo to elevate your style for a night out or special event.

1. Introducing the Trend: Twisted Updos

The Twisted Updo – a trend so covetable, it’s sweeping the hair and beauty scene! Whether you’re looking to rock something romantic for a romantic date night, or just want to show off a playful summer vibe, the twisted updo hairstyle has become an instant must-try. Originally started by professional hairstylists, this distinctive style is ideal for styling long and medium length hair of any texture.

  • Ideal for formal events, as well as more laid-back occasions
  • A mix of classic and modern for a look that’s uniquely all your own
  • Take advantage of knots, plaits, and twists for endless styling and versatile options

The twisted updo is all about getting creative and having fun with your styling. Ditch what’s expected, and try out something new! You can create the perfect look to match your personal style, fabulous, boho, or somewhere in between. Work with texture and depth, play around with knots, plaits, partings, and twists. The possibilities are endless! There’s something to suit every occasion.

To pull off the perfect twisted updo, you don’t need to be a professional hairstylist. It’s all about creating the right texture, finding the right balance, and experimenting with different looks. All you need is a great hairstyle, a bit of confidence, and the right accessories. Then all you have to do is twist and turn, and be sure to enjoy the process!

2. Level Up Your Look with a Twist

Want to step up your style game? Look no further! .

1. Get creative with colors. Consider adding an unexpected hue to your outfits. Don’t be afraid to go bold and have fun with it. Try pairing purple with pink, green with blue, or yellow with orange.

2. Try a new silhouette. You don’t always have to stick to classic shapes and cuts. Shake up your wardrobe by experimenting with different silhouettes. Try an oversized shirt paired with slim-fitting trousers or an A-line skirt paired with a short puff sleeve top.

3. Incorporate statement pieces. Mix up your wardrobe with larger items, such as a bold-printed scarf, a statement necklace, or an eye-catching handbag.

4. Accessorize differently. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to accessories. Try accessorizing with a different pattern or color for a quick and easy way to spruce up your outfit. Hats, scarves, bracelets, and watches are all great ways to change up your look.

3. Crafting the Perfect Twisted Updo

Going for the perfect twisted updo doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make sure you start your week in style.

Firstly, make sure you have all the essentials hairspray, dry shampoo, bobby pins, a comb, and some elastic bands.

Start by giving your hair a spritz of dry shampoo to give it some grip. Now it’s time to go wild – create some messy waves by plaiting the hair tightly. Now let’s make them funky:

  • Tie two plaits together at the ends with an elastic, then twist the hair
  • Pin up each side of the twist, one at a time, until the whole twist is secured
  • Gently pull out pieces at the front, middle and sides for a wispy but playful look
  • Add a protective coating of hairspray to finish the look

The finished look is simple but chic, and you can dress it up with beautiful bobby pins or a headscarf and even a flower or two. You’re now ready to set the world alight with your stylish updo!

4. Let’s Put This Look Together

Now, it’s time to mix and match the pieces from this look together. It’s all about creating the right balance between your pieces.

  • Break out your trusty leather jacket — its great for throwing on over many different pieces and will form the base of this look.
  • Slip on your slimline jeans for a slim fit. Cinch your waist further with a belt for some extra definition.

The magic of accessories is that they can take a look to a whole new level. To finish off this look, throw on a patterned scarf for an extra bit of texture. Lastly, opt in for some white trainers — their minimalist style is perfect for a cosy casual look.

Now that’s a look you can transition without any worries! Play around with other pieces from your wardrobe too if you want to switch it up.

5. Elevate Your Look With Chic Updos Featuring Twists

Whether you’re prepping for a special occasion or want a glamorous everyday look, you can never go wrong with a chic updo featuring twists. Here are five easy styles to try:

  • High Bun with a Twist: For a sleek look, try a high bun with twist. Simply gather your hair into a high, tight bun and wrap a length of hair around it. Secure both sections with a bobby pin or two.
  • Half-Up Bun with a Twist: For a romantic look, try a half-up bun with twist. Part your hair down the middle and gather the top section into a twisted bun on the top of your head. Secure with a bobby pin or two and you’re good to go!
  • Twisted Side Ponytail: For a more casual style, try a twisted side ponytail. Part your hair on the side and gather the front section into a twist. Secure with elastic band or bobby pins and you’re ready to shine!
  • Twisted Crown: For a royal look, try a twisted crown. Part your hair in the middle and gather the front sections into two twists on either side of your head. Secure both sections with one-or two-elastic bands.
  • Twisted Bun: For a show-stopping finish, try a twisted bun. Gather your hair into a bun at the nape of your neck and wrap a length of hair around it. Secure both sections with two bobby pins or one elastic band and you’re ready to experience effortless elegance.

These updos featuring twists offer the perfect way to elevate your look. With just a few easy steps, you can turn any occasion into a glamorous affair. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with these timeless styles!

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds- classic updos, mixed with a bit of something more? With a few simple twists, your updo can take your look to the next level for the next special event. Whatever style you choose to make your own, these twisted updos are sure to turn heads and add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.


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